The Retinal Arteries May Show Spontaneous Pulsations.

Neovascularization of the retina DVD/ ave or iris VI is rare complication seen after a ciao or bra. The cornea and lens bend light so that it can focus on the retina at the back of our eye. The retinal arteries may show spontaneous pulsations. Ocular AV attributable to RPO was seen only in HR, hemi-HR, and major bravo. Moreover, thrombolytic therapy has serious ocular and even fatal systemic side-effects. Glc patient w/ ischemic bravo 20/50 w/ DVD vision was good but neovascularization formed --> Need Anti-VEGF and PDP eventually At least sectoral Pt did not follow through with treatment recommendations Footprints for bravo: Collateral vessels crossing horizontal rape retinal collaterals are more common in bravo than disc collaterals CRVO more likely to have disc collaterals Angiographic picture of collateral vessels as result of bravo can happen in ischemic or non-ischemic whenever you see these, it is a “footprint” of a vascular occlusion collateral vessels due to bravo Glaucoma - often happen together Vascularly challenged -PRP from bravo -- probably ischemic Classic appearance - Pallid funds with cherry red spot = ciao varied appearance depending on when you see them depending on time! Ophthalmology. 1995 Oct. 10210:1425-33. It may occur when the veins of the eye are too narrow.

Several.reatments may be tried. Medline . A group 13 recently claimed enthusiastically that vitrectomy with branch retinal vein cannulation and infusion of t-PA in CRVO resulted in visual recovery which was “much better than what occurs as part of the natural history of CRVO”.

Retinal vascular occlusion